Artax Insights 2017, Episode 2: Multiplayer online with Unity

Hi everyone!

All of you developers reading us know that creating a game is such a complex task which requires a lot of effort. Right now Iro Hero is at a good stage. We are finishing the last levels, fixing bugs, polishing balance and adding details such as cutscenes and dialogues. It’s because of that that we are not able to post as much as we would like.

But here we are! In this new Artax Insights episode we have kidnapped Antonio Clavaín, our quiet man and advantaged programmer in Artax Games in order to unveil everythung we need to make our first attempts with Unity’s UNET and have our first multiplayer online game.

We hope you all enjoy it, and don’t forget to leave us your comments or post any question you would like to get solved!

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